A Mannequin’s Display

Nicolette Dowdell

If they knew;

The freedom of their limbs

The warmth from their breaths,

The trail of sadness

In their scars,

The whisper of the words

Echoing their sound.

Their rough, bumpy skin

Wasn’t manufactured to perfection.


I’m in a red robe

Sitting on a couch,

Like I belong on the throne.

Newspaper in hand,

It’s dated 1955

“With radiation

The dummies could

Come to life.”


In the barren Nevada desert,

A rocket stands.

Foolish humans

Risking their lives,

You still could be alive.


I was brought to life

To be the Mentos

In a Coke bottle.

Lies, lies, and more lies

I am handmade.

I’m plastic,

Not elastic.

I’m set in my ways,

You can always change.


If I knew about

Their demise

Maybe I can teach them

To be one

In time.