Author Bios

Kiara Abreu is a sophomore pursing a Business and Accounting degree. She loves listening to KPOP and reading unpublished authors online in her free time. She prefers reading fantasy over any other genre. This is her first published piece of poetry.

Nicholas J. Bakker was born and raised in Pennsylvania and is a current sophomore at Penn State University Abington, pursuing an Information Sciences degree in Security and Risk Analysis. He has never had literary work published prior to this piece but is looking forward to continuing his education and to continue practicing creative story writing. Prior to attending Penn State, he served four years honorably in the active duty army.

Moriah Cunningham, from Philadelphia, born and raised, is a Biology major at Penn State Abington with a minor in Business. She expresses herself best through her writing. Her parents and her aunt helped her at a young age to love writing ever since she picked up her first crayon. Since her freshman year in 2016, this is Moriah’s second time getting her work published in The Abington Review.

Nicolette Dowdell just transferred to Penn State Abington from Bucks County Community College. She is a junior in college and her major is Psychological and Social Science. In her spare time, she likes to play badminton, listen to music, write poetry, and watch anime.

Trinity Golden is a sophomore pursing a degree in Biology and a career in the medical field. She has completed Penn State Abington’s Writing minor and plans to complete her degree as well as a minor in Human Development and Family Studies at U-Park in the fall. She is an avid rock climber and spends much of her time training for and competing in climbing competitions.

Brianna Haines is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a junior majoring in Rehabilitation and Human Services. This is her first publication. She plans to attend graduate school and pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy.

Nathan L. Hernandez was a high school dropout who turned his life around. He decided to get his diploma and pursue a degree in Psychological and Social Sciences. he is currently a sophomore at Penn State Abington. Nathan has a passion for psychology and also for aspects of art. Design is where he shines, although he plans to explore many other parts of his artistic abilities.

Aung Nay Htet Oo, an international student from Myanmar, is currently a freshman with an undecided major. He is a self-taught cook trying to save money, a PC gamer, and loves basketball and volleyball. This is his first published short essay: one of many to follow.

Although Naufal Ilyas loved to write about his views regarding the world in a poetic manner, he never thought of himself as being skilled in the literary arts, thus competing with others’ work was nothing short of a dream. As a result, having one of his pieces published was a genuine surprise to him. Currently, he is working towards a degree in Accounting and about to finish his sophomore year.

Tim Kluska, a Philadelphia native, is a Marine Corps veteran and Penn State finance major. He is an adult learner who divides his time between working full-time, going to school full-time, and spending time with his 5-year-old son.

Yum Mi Kuki, a.k.a, Andy Lee, is currently a freshman and an E-board member to the student organization LEAP who enjoys playing video games and daydreams during his free time. He is known for being a fun, carefree, and a great friend. One of his mottos is “Enjoy Now, Suffer Later!” He hopes to continue to enjoy his times on campus and make people smile.

Rachel Li graduated high school in London. She is currently a freshman majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Economics. She enjoys traveling. This is Rachel’s first published piece of work.

Madison Mullen began writing for the very first time when she was three years old — and it has all been an adventure from there. She couldn’t put the pencil down after she learned how to spell her first name. A Philadelphia native who has aspirations for obtaining a degree in Film and Television Writing, Madison is highly inspired by Shonda Rhimes and several others; she seeks to see herself in the industry someday.

Genesis Perez is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Biology with the plan to become an OBGYN. She’s a Christian who loves reading romances and cooking. She has a fun, light-hearted spirit and enjoys genuine friendships. This is Genesis’s first published piece of writing.

A native of Bespin, B.P. Sweeney commandeered a Mon Calimari Cruiser through the Outer Rim Territories of the Anoat Sector following the Battle of Hoth. He now serves as Media Consultant at the Penn State Abington campus, while pursuing a Master’s degree in the Humanities at Penn State Harrisburg. In his free time, he enjoys betting on fathiers at the Canto Bight Casino.

Andy Vo is a Philadelphia native and a graduating senior with a degree in the arts. He is fascinated with the concept of darkness and philosophy, and has a passion for many things including nature, filmmaking, animation, and poetry. He is currently pursuing a career in the film industry so he can one day bring more of his works to life.

Bridget Welsh is a Junior at Penn State majoring in Corporate Communications. She is from Huntingdon Valley and pursues creative writing, musical theatre, and drawing in her spare time. She participated in the Penn State Performing Arts Program in their spring production in 2017 as part of Penn State Abington’s “The Diversity Project.” She also participated in the ensemble-driven production of Metamorphoses in the spring of 2016.