Flight from Damascus

An Exquisite Corpse

Authors: Nicholas Bakker, Kellina Wanteu, Andrea Donofrio, Adrien Fourneaux, Christopher Kowalski, Juliana Lemos-Maldonado, Rachel Li, Natasha Orta, Lindsay Paladino, Kailey Prall, Emanuel Ramirez, Justin Sabu, Kelly Sherron


The trail out of Syria meandered to Lebanon…

Was this where they wanted to be?

Exodus to a new land and a better life—

an escape from apocalypse.

Memories of joy, then warmth of family

Burned to cinders.

Hope for the future, obliterated by pain,

But they know…

Without the stress—the pain—we won’t succeed.

We are strong. We won’t be lost to history.

But the deep reality may be… we might be…

The journey has been better than the destination.

We saw more of our futures than we believed we would,

Yet our futures can always be changed.

Our futures are not static, are not a destiny.

We are our own future.