Trinity Golden

I see the people drop one by one,

Off the side and into The Pacific,

Flailing their spidery limbs only to

Coil at the coolness that awaits them

In the abyss of the ocean’s belly


Metronomically, like droplets from a waterspout

Wide-shouldered men,

Feathery-frail children,

The sun-kissed and silver haired,

Steady footed and focused

Families and pairs,

And the occasional solitary adventurer


Yet, the water knows nothing of them as they

Plunge headstrong into the depths of the sea,

Differences dissolving at the foot of the boat

Their flesh succumbs to gravity and they all make the

same splash

One by one, off the side, the water knows

Nothing of them until they greet its surface

And converge with its infinite fathoms


I will soon become like those spidery, flailing


And fall prey to power of gravity

And know the water better than the water

Knows me, but I realize as I stand here now

That the very thing that can drown me surrounds me

But sustains me at the very same time

One by one, off the side, they plummet

And spiral down, suspended for a split second


Next in the line, now the coast chastises

My apprehension, but waves will kiss my feet,

A warm-water welcome into the unknown

Or the mark of a bittersweet betrayal


Still, the water awaits below and gravity above

So I jump, embracing my insect-like movements

And rise higher and higher in the air,

Grateful for my ability to swim, then suddenly

I’m reminded of spiders’ lack of wings

And my inability to fly as I am


By a glacial greeting of my toes

And soon the entirety of me


I descend lower and lower and abhor

This drawn out introduction with the sea

Yet adore the gradient of blue-green hues

As my retracted shape blossoms like the rest

I sink deeper and deeper and am riveted

By such hidden splendor and the proof that

The higher the flight, the deeper the embrace

But my lungs feel the strain, and I surface