The Eyes of a Blind Man

Yum Mi Kuki

Can we see with our eyes shut?

Plainly speaking, no, we cannot.

Though if we close our eyes and open our minds,

Oh, the world we see, just so fine.

The eyes of a blind man!

Close your eyes and tell me,

What do you see?

The utopia, the fairy tales, or the fantasies?

The eyes of a blind man!

Blind but can still see,

Better than any eyes, believe me.

Tell me, what are your sights?

Are they bound only by the light?

When it rains and it pours

Are you trapped behind your doors?

Meanwhile the blind man shines and soars.

He can see much more.

So I ask of you,

if I can.

What sees more?


Or the eyes of a blind man.