Who Can You Depend On?

Naufal Ilyas

The blight contaminates, delving into the subconscious and

harvesting the carnal instincts of the mind. Aggravating—no, alluring;

a seductress that fascinates and stimulates one’s lust.

I can’t recall how long it has been since I’ve started perceiving them.

These pulsating masses chomping and picking at each other’s flesh.

Participating in enslaving the weak, delusional, and impoverished.

It is impossible to stand up against them, especially in my condition.

I am weak, talentless, and naive; a retired slave and yet I complain.

I too was once a wielder of youth, a man of passion,

overflowing with dreams and ambitions. Always aspiring to improve.

Such qualities are disposable, nothing short of mere slave labor,

in the eyes of these wolves. A wolf peers at its prey,

analyzing the foundations of their characteristics,

whilst shrouded in a mirage. It immerses itself in the cacophony of selfish wants;

the collective mind in the environment cloaks its desire, thus the wolf becomes

indistinguishable in the chaotic mass. The carnivore is not without patience,

it will sacrifice its time with ease, awaiting the upcoming maturity of its target.

It lingers with anticipation, salivating profusely, though not yet baring its claws,

nor caressing its fangs. It remains in stasis for undetermined periods,

though it never stops scheming and plotting for its next move,

a wolf till the end; cunning and calculating, akin to a chess player.

Once the mental capacity of the target has been maximized, the

hunting begins. It will seemingly acknowledge the target’s capabilities.

It will seduce them with praise, building the illusion that the prey needs a

constant validation and justification from the wolf for every action.

The wolf will leech every drop of blood and sweat, enslaving the

essence of its oblivious prey. The wolf will feast upon the sheep’s existence.

Every gulp transforms the wolf into a grotesque being, a tumor

that consumes its target until the host falls to depravity, left weak and

despaired. Countless prey have placed their trust in these abominations.

I was no different. Society has shunned me, now that I am a useless corpse.

A disposed slave, an outcast. A sheep amongst wolves.